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Sunday Times Teaser 2640 – Megan’s Number

by Graham Smithers

The digits 0 to 9 are written on ten individual cards.

Megan forms her number using three cards, Beth forms hers from some of the remaining cards and, finally, Jan uses some or all of those left to form her number.

If Megan multiplies her number by its last digit, she obtains Beth’s number; if she multiplies it by its first digit, she obtains Jan’s number.

Who has the largest number and what is it?

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  1. brian gladman permalink

  2. ahmet cetinbudaklar permalink

    Megan cannot have 0,1,5,6,7,9 as first digit nor 0,1,5,6 as last digit which leaves us with fewer possibilities to start with.

  3. Ogee permalink

    No program is needed, I did it in my head.

  4. Brian Gladman permalink

    Hi Frits, Thank you for your ongoing interest in contributing here, which I much appreciate.

    I would, however be most grateful if you NOT put any answers in any code you publish here. I fund this site to encourage people to build their own Python solutions, not to come here and have answers dished out to them ‘on a plate’. And, of course, all they have to do to check their solutions is to download and run code that has been published here.

    Furthermore, although Jim’s library is excellent for those whose primary interest is in solving teasers, its use is far from effective for my purposes here because it hides much of the interesting Python code that people should be exposed to inside the library with the result that posted solutions using it bare little resemblance to Python and can sometimes contain no Python at all! And this, coupled with the fact that such code no longer runs ‘out of the box’, is completely contrary to my aims in running this site.

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