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Enigma Index

I am posting some of my solutions to New Scientist Enigma puzzles here.  There are only a small selection of these puzzles – those that particularly interest me or those I use for testing various utilities that I have used in puzzle solving.   If you want a much more complete coverage of the New Scientist Enigma puzzles in Python, I recommend Jim Randell‘s Enigmatic Code site.

Enigma 494  –  Look Blank

Enigma 495  –  Lack of Details

Enigma 497  –  The Longest Puzzle in the World?

Enigma 498  –  Vowel Count

Enigma 499  –  Mathematical Spelling Test

Enigma 500  –  Child’s Play

Enigma 501  –  A Reciprocal Arrangement

Enigma 505  –  A Pretty Puzzle

Enigma 508  –  A Colourful Deception

Enigma 509  –  Banking on a Prime

Enigma 511  –  Double, Double

Enigma 516  –  The ABC of Division

Enigma 518  –  The Day of Reckoning

Enigma 526  –  Ewe to Move

Enigma 527  –  Sum Secret

Enigma 531  –  Petits Fours