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Sunday Times Teaser 2816 – Chat Shows

by Graham Smithers

Published: 11 September 2016 (link)

Each day next week there will be a chat show on television and in each show the host will appear with an actress and an actor. The hosts will be (in order) Dimbleby, Evans, Mack, Marr, Norton, Peschardt and Ross. In no particular order, the actresses will be Arterton, Blunt, Carter, Jones, Knightley, Margolyes and Watson. Again in no particular order, the actors will be Bean, Caine, Cleese, Craig, De Niro, Neeson and Oldman. For any two people in the same show there are just two different letters of the alphabet that occur (perhaps more than once) in both their surnames.

List the actresses in the order in which they appear.

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    This is a second of this type from Graham Smithers in recent times (see Teaser 2800; Teaser 2704 also has similarities).

    Here is a different (and faster) approach

    Although this is faster for this specific teaser, the approach suffers the rather serious flaw when adapted to provide a generic solver in that it does not guarantee to find solutions where they exist.

  2. Graham Smithers seems to like this kind of puzzle, so I wrote some generic code that can solve this puzzle and other similar puzzles.

    The same code (using exactly the same selection function) works for Teasers 2682, 2757, 2770, 2800 (all set by Smithers), only the category lists need to be changed.

    The selection function is applied only to completed potential groups, which means it is not as efficient as code that rejects partial potential groupings – but on problems of this size it hardly matters. All the puzzles mentioned above are solved instantaneously.

  3. Brian Gladman permalink

    Here is another generic solver using a different strategy

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