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Sunday Times Teaser 2612 – Star Signs

by Graham Smithers

Published: 14 October 2012 (link)

Five friends, Abel, Bob, Jedd, Tim and Will, were investigating birthdays. Abel commented that there was just one letter of the alphabet that occurred in both his star sign and in his month of birth. After further investigation he found that for any pair of his star sign, his month of birth, his name, and the day of the week on which he was born, just one letter of the alphabet occurred in both. Remarkably, the same turned out to be true for each of the friends.

Their names are listed alphabetically. What, respectively, are their star signs?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    Here is my solution:

  2. I went out on the fells yesterday, so a bit late answering, but here is my contribution:

  3. Brian Gladman permalink

    HI Arthur,

    Something was wrong with the layout of your code above so I have taken the liberty of reformatting it. Do let me know if you are unhappy with the revised version..

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