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Sunday Times Teaser 2656 – Wrong Adding

by Victor Bryant

In this addition, different letters consistently represent different digits but a letter in one position is wrong. The result is even.

  A G A I N
+ W R O N G

What is the correct numerical value of the total?

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  1. brian gladman permalink

    A bit messy this week.

  2. geoffrounce permalink

    I get two possibilities for the ‘G’ in WRONG to be 2 or 3, (the correct value being 4 for G), leading to the same answer for ADDING:

    • brian gladman permalink

      Hi Geoff,

      Good to see you try this one! There are two issues here.

      First, if you look at the last digit in ‘wronk’ in your output, it is not k! Why is this? The answer is that you have included k in your permutation but you then redefine it in line 6 so the k in the permutation and the k you use are different!

      Second, k shouldn’t be in the permutation anyway and its value can be any digit (0 .. 9), not just those used.

      Hence we get:

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