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Sunday Times Teaser 2647 – Happy Medium

by Victor Bryant

In order to conduct a seance, Adam, Alan, Andy, Eden, Eric, Fred, Gary, Glen, John, Mike, Pete and Tony sat around a table of radius one metre. Twelve equally spaced points on the edge of the table represented different letters.

A light started at the centre of the table and then, after moving to one of the 12 points, moved between the points in a way that spelt out the name of one of those present, finally returning to the centre. It then repeated this process twice, first to spell a day of the week and second to spell a month.

The individual legs of these paths were all straight lines whose lengths were a whole number of centimetres.

Which three words did it spell out?

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  1. brian gladman permalink

    This teaser has ambiguous wording in that ‘represented different letters’ could mean that each point represents more than one letter. In fact it seems that it is intended to mean: ‘represented a different letter’.

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