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by Brian Gladman on May 15, 2020

Sunday Times Teaser 3008 – Three-Fruit Fractions

by Stephen Hogg

Published Sunday May 17 2020 (link)

The owner of the old curiosity shop repaired an antique mechanical fruit machine having three wheels of identical size and format. Afterwards each wheel was independently fair, just as when new. Each wheel’s rim had several equal-sized zones, each making a two-figure whole number of degrees angle around the rim. Each wheel had just one zone showing a cherry, with other fruits displayed having each a different single-figure number (other than one) of zone repetitions.

Inside the machine were printed all the fair chances (as fractions) of getting three of the same fruit symbol in one go. Each of these fractions had a top number equal to 1 and, of their bottom numbers, more than one was odd.

What was the bottom number of the chance for three cherries?

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