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by Brian Gladman on October 15, 2017

Sunday Times Teaser 2873 – Circular Logic

by Ian Gilchrist

Published October 15 2017 (link)

Ten of us (me, Alice, Arnold, Carla, Celia, Clara, Ina, Rona, Ronald and Roland) were sitting equally-spaced around a circular table. None of us was directly opposite or next to anyone whose name was an anagram of theirs, or between two people whose names were anagrams of each other. The same applied when looking at the initial letters of the names.

Then Ari and Ira joined us. We found two extra chairs and all budged up to make two spaces. With the twelve of us equally-spaced around the circular table all the above facts remained true. I was now opposite a different person, Roland.

Who from the twelve was then directly opposite Alice? And who was opposite Celia?

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