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by Brian Gladman on July 5, 2015

Sunday Times Teaser 2754 – Family History

by Danny Roth

Three of George’s distant relatives who share the same birthday were born in different years of the 20th century.

He told his wife, Martha, that when their dates of birth are written as D/M/Y with two digits for the year, in one Y equals D divided by M as a percentage, in another M is the average of D and Y, and in the third Y is equal to D raised to the power of M.

George then told her that she would not be able to work out their birth years even if she knew the day of the month on which the birthdays fell.  However, it turns out that Martha would have been able to deduce all three of the years had she been told any one of them.

What is the most recent of the three dates?

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