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Sunday Times Teaser 2860 – Cricketing Greats

by Graham Smithers

Published July 16 2017 (link)

On each of the next seven evenings a different media pundit will advocate the merits of two cricketers. The pundits are Agnew, Blofeld, Dagnall, Mann, Mitchell, Norcross and Smith. The fourteen cricketers to be discussed are Ali, Anderson, Ball, Ballance, Broad, Carberry, Compton, Hales, Kerrigan, Patel, Stokes, Tredwell, Trescothick and Woakes. Each evening, looking at the names of the pundit and the two cricketers, then for any two out of the three names there are just two letters of the alphabet that occur (once or more) in both.

(a) Which cricketers will Dagnall advocate?

(b) Which cricketers will Norcross advocate?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    Here is a generic solver for grouping problems of this kind (this needs to be saved with the name

    And here is a solution using it:

    However a dedicated solution is much faster:

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