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Sunday Times Teaser 2858 – Beach Game

by Angela Newing

Published July 2 2017 (link)

Ken, Leanne, Mike, Nancy, Olive and Paul were playing on the beach. They had drawn a large circle in the sand and written their names clockwise, in that order, equally spaced around the edge of the circle. They also had a circular piece of card around which they had written the numbers 1 to 6 clockwise in order, also equally spaced. Then they spun the card in the middle of the sand circle and each child was awarded the number of points equal to the number closest to their name. They kept repeating this process and after each spin they kept a total of their scores so far. Mike was ahead after the first spin and after each of the first five spins there was a different clear leader. Then the tide came in and washed the game away.

Which child was never in the lead, and what was that child’s total after the five spins?

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