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Sunday Times Teaser 2852 – When in Rome

by Nick MacKinnon

Published May 21 2017 (link)

An ancient five-by-five table of letters have been found in Rome. All the ten different five-letter rows across and five-letter columns down are Roman numerals, with no letter exceeding a C.  The across numbers are, in order, even, even, a cube, a prime, and a power of 2.  The down numbers include a cube, the rest being even or prime.

Which two Roman numerals cross at the middle square?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    • It doesn’t make any difference to the answer, but the 10 numbers given by the Roman numerals in the rows and columns must all be different, so one of the solutions your code finds is disallowed. There is actually only one possible way to fill out the grid

      • Brian Gladman permalink

        Thanks for pointing this out Jim. I will update the code accordingly.

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