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Sunday Times Teaser 2831 – Nine Ladies Dancing

by Victor Bryant

Published: 25 December 2016 (link)

On the ninth day of Christmas the ladies Anne, Bella, Cary, Debbie, Eileen, Fran, Gill, Honor and Iris entered a dancing competition. In some order they had labels ‘One’, ‘Two’, ‘Three’, ‘Four’, ‘Five’, ‘Six’, ‘Seven’, ‘Eight’ and ‘Nine’ on their backs. They each danced a different dance chosen from cha-cha, charleston, foxtrot, jive, polka, quickstep, samba, twist and waltz.

For any lady’s name and label there was just one letter of the alphabet that occurred (once or more) in both. The same was true for any lady’s name and their dance, and also for any lady’s label and dance.

In alphabetical order of their names, what are the numbers of the nine ladies?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    A chance to play with Python 3.6 that was released couple of days ago.

    Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

  2. Recent examples of this kind of puzzle have been set by Graham Smithers, but this one is by Victor Bryant.

    Back in September, when Teaser 2816 [ ] came out, I wrote some generic code to solve this kind of puzzle. Here it is packaged into a module called

    And here is a program that uses this module to solve the Teaser in 114ms.

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