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Sunday Times Teaser 2818 – Accountability

by Danny Roth

Published: 25 September 2016 (link)

George and Martha’s bank account number is an 8-digit number consisting of the digits 1 to 8 in some order. Martha commented that, if you split the number into two 4-figure numbers, then the number formed by the last four digits is a multiple of the number formed by the first four digits. Then George listed all the different prime numbers that divided exactly into the account number. When he added together all those primes the total was less than a hundred.

What is their account number?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink


  2. Here’s a solution using the general Alphametic solver from

    The module is available at [ ].

  3. geoffrounce permalink

    Here is a solution which gives the account number and the prime factors of the account number, which have a total of 84;

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