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Sunday Times Teaser 2814 – Today’s Teaser

by Andrew Skidmore

Published: 28 August 2016 (link)

Today’s Teaser concerns writing a date as a string of six digits: for example, today’s date can be written as 280816. Our puzzle concerns two numbers that add up to a date. I have written down two six-figure numbers and then consistently replaced digits by letters. In this way the two numbers have become

          TODAYS  TEASER.

The sum of these two numbers equals the six-digit date of a Sunday in July, August or September this year.

What is the value of my TEASER?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    Straightforward using the AlphaSum alphametic sum solver.

    A permutation based solution is, however, faster:

  2. There is a very limited set of results to the sum, so my first attempt was just to feed them directly into the generic Alphametic solver in the library:

    This runs in 590ms.

    Pleasingly the result of the sum is the date the puzzle was published.

    We can speed things up by applying the day, month and year restrictions in separate expressions:

    This runs in 80ms, which I think is sufficiently fast that I didn’t refine it further.

    The library is available from [ ].

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