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Sunday Times Teaser 2810 – Almost a Year Apart

by Richard England

Published: 31 July 2016 (link)

Tomorrow’s date is 1st August 2016, which in the usual six-digit format is 01 08 16. This can be regarded as a ‘square’ date since 10816 is a perfect square. No square date is followed by another square date exactly one year later, although some pairs of square dates are very nearly one year apart.

Which two square dates (in their six-digit format) come closest to being a year apart?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

  2. Here’s my solution.

    The next closest dates are:

    26.01.00 – 01.02.01 = 372 days
    24.01.00 – 01.02.01 = 374 days

    Richard England likes puzzles involving square dates. See also:

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    • Jim Randell permalink

      And here’s a faster solution that considers possible squares to see if they can be read as dates, rather than considering possible dates and seeing if they can be read as squares:

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